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Product Description

Product introduction

1. 6-axis (3-axis gyro + 3-axis accelerometer).
2. Gamepad
3. 1:1 body capture
4. 1:1 user experience
5. Full keyboard input
6. Infrared and wireless transmission
7. Infrared learning function
Electrical parameter

1.USB receiver
Transmission rate 1Mbps
Operating frequency 2400.0MHz – 2483.5MHz
Output power -18dBm – 0dBm
Function HID compatible device
Transmission rate 1Mbps
Operating frequency 2400.0MHz – 2483.5MHz
Output power -18dBm – 0dBm
Function 6 axis squirrel, gamepad, full keyboard input
A surface function operation instructions

1. RF and infrared functions
The TZ16 is powered on by default in 2.4G mode, and the front button is the function shortcut of Android. After pressing the TV button, the TZ16 switches to the infrared mode.
In the case of the infrared mode, the indicator light is always on. Press the indicator light to flash it. Infrared mode requires learning infrared codes for each button. Press again
When the TV key is pressed, the TZ16 returns to the 2.4G working mode.
B-side wireless code value

1. All buttons on the B side only send wireless code values ​​by default. The code values ​​refer to the HID device usage code table.
2. Press “” once, the uppercase function is locked, press “ ” once again, the uppercase function is released, and the lowercase is entered. Same keyboard function.
3. Press “ ” once to enter the number and special character function lock, press “ ” again, the input number and special character function is released.
4. When the remote control is turned to the back, the cursor will automatically close. At this time, you can use the touchpad to operate the cursor, slide up and down, left and right, and click to select the icon.
Functional operation instructions

1.USB receiver
The TZ16 USB receiver is defined as a standard HID device, plug and play, receiving transmitter signals and data, and supports Windows and Android.
And iOS system.
2. Pairing
2.1 Press and hold the “OK” button and “ ” button on the A side at the same time, and the LED flashes into the wireless pairing mode.
2.2 Plug in the USB receiver and wait for about 3 seconds. If the TZ16 A side LED stops flashing, the pairing is successful.
3. Empty mouse cursor pointer speed adjustment
 3.1 The cursor pointer speed is increased: press “OK” and “Vol+” at the same time, the LED light flashes for about 1 second, indicating that the cursor pointer speed increases by one level;
 3.2 Cursor pointer speed slowdown: Press “OK” and “Vol-” at the same time, the LED light flashes for about 1 second, indicating that the cursor pointer speed is slowed down by one level;
Marking: A total of three files, when adjusted to the fastest or slowest, can only be adjusted in the opposite direction.
4. Empty mouse calibration
 4.1 Press and hold the “OK” button to power up, then put it on the desktop or a plane;
 4.2 The static calibration is completed until the LED changes from flashing to flashing.
Label: When the cursor drifts, static calibration compensation is required.
5, infrared learning operation instructions
Marking: Make sure the TZ works in infrared mode, and the LED is always on.
1) Enter the infrared learning mode: press and hold the “TV” button for 2~3 seconds, the TZ16 will enter the infrared learning mode, and the LED light will flash slowly every 1 second.
2) In the infrared learning mode, the infrared head of a TV remote control is aligned with the TZ infrared head, and any button of the infrared of the TV remote control is pressed, the LED of the TZ
Flashing means grabbing the code value sent by the TV remote.
3) Next, press the button corresponding to TZ16, this button will learn the code value of the TV remote control, at this time the LED flashes slowly, waiting for another need
The key code value of the learning.
4) Then, repeat steps 2) and 3) to complete the learning of other key code values.
5) Finally press the “TV” button for about one second to complete the infrared learning.
Infrared clear function: Press and hold the OK+ button for three seconds to clear the infrared learning code. The LED light flashes from fast to long.
6, backlight function operation instructions
 Press the button on the remote control to turn on the backlight function of the TZ16. The backlight on the front of the TZ16 will light up. When the remote control is turned to the back keyboard,
The backlight on the back will automatically turn on. Turn off the backlight function of the TZ16 when you press the button again. The backlight has a memory function when the sleep wakes up.
Note: The backlight is divided into two colors: white and white.
TZ16 power consumption description

1, the general mode
 The default 2.4G operating mode consumes less than 15mA. Approximately 35mA when the backlight is turned on.
2, standby mode
If it is not used for 20 seconds, the device will enter standby mode and consume less than 30uA.
At this time, the customer presses any key to wake up the TZ16 wake-up and send the code at the same time. The sleep wake-up cursor has a memory function.
3, power management
 The TZ16 is powered by a BL-5B lithium battery. When the charging cable is connected, the red light is always on. When it is full, the red light is off.

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