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Dimming: Touch sensor type
Size: 47 cm*34 cm ·
Power supply: DC 5 V / 2 A ·
Output: 2.7 W


1. Thinness- 0.5 cm, It's thin and light.
2. Convenience- It can be used by connecting a computer, a computer, etc. with a USB terminal.
3. Brightness- We emit uniform light. Adopting visual acuity protection technology, you can reduce discomfort for long-term use
as a trace stand or inspection table. Or, the characteristics of the LED light source are flickering of the light source,
unpleasant noise and power supply noise are also shut out.
4. Single plate of acrylic- Since the top board uses an acrylic single plate, there is no joint, no step, there is no damage to the paper,
rotate the paper freely on the trace base You can.
5.  Time-saving solution for works of art, sketches, drawings, tattoos.

[How to use]
1. Please connect this product to the USB port of the devices which can supply USB power supply.
2. How to shine changes by keeping pressing the button.
The light will become stronger by pressing the first button.
By pressing the second button, the light becomes weaker.
3. Put your picture on the board, and copy by yourself.(No any picture format, just a copy board)

[Package contents]

1 x LED trace stand 
1 x USB cable 

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